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13. Januar 2019
COVID-19 oder: Wenn Possen globalisieren
9. März 2020

Is not allowed in France!

Jean-F. ist Verkaufsberater für Endoskopische Geräte in Lyon (F). Er bemerkte: "Thanks for your explanations, in France it isn't allowed to practice these exams in pharmacy."

.....hhhmmmm: Warum nicht so:

That's very interesting - inspection of the ear and the throat is not allowed in France? Well, it's quite simple; without inspection you just don't know where the patients symptoms come from, so: selling rubbish to the patients all day long is allowed and the most common thing in the world (also in Switzerland and anywhere else!) - doing with little effort the right things and performing them with care.....is forbidden! Isn't it crazy?! That's exactly what we are working on: Shooting this silly Pharmacy-PR-Mode to the moon and introducing real primary care....in pharmacies!

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